Today, the world’s leading luxury spirit, Belvedere Vodka is celebrating World Martini Day. Belvedere Vodka has embraced martini drinkers across the globe to participate in their social media campaign, the “World’s Largest Toast”. All participants have to do is upload pictures of themselves and their friends indulging in a Belvedere Vodka Martini. Photographs should be posted on to their Twitter and Instagram accounts along with the hashtag #WorldMartiniDay . All the photos contributed will be uploaded to the official World Martini Day website galleria.


The Belvedere Vodka Martini is made with Dankowskie rye, a superior rye grown in Poland’s Mazovian region, and diluted with proprietary artesian water, Belvedere Vodka is the natural choice as the base of your martini. It’s perfect balance of elegance and character. Belvedere Unfiltered is vodka at its smoothest and most distinctive, boasting aromas of baked bread and toasted nuts on the nose and a rich combination of salted caramel, sea salt and white pepper flavors on the palate. The finish is a silky smooth balance of salty and sweet, with notes of vanilla. Then come the four easy steps – Shaken or stirred; options on vermouth; the ratio of vodka to vermouth followed by the garnish (traditionally an olive or lemon twist).


Here’s how you can make your own Belvedere Vodka martini, combine Belvedere vodka, dry Vermouth, and ice in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. The ingredients are chilled, either by stirring or shaking, then strained and served (without ice) in a frosted martini glass. The drink may be garnished with an olive, add a “twist” with a strip of lemon peel squeezed or twisted, capers, or cocktail onions.


Enjoying a martini is an individual experience, the ingredients are simplistic but the possibilities are endless and best when approached with confidence – shaken, stirred, straight up or on the rocks. For those just beginning their Martini journey, the Classic Belvedere combines Belvedere Vodka with Lillet Blanc and a refreshing twist of pink grapefruit, while the Belvedere Unfiltered creates an excellent on the rocks option, paired with Dolin dry Vermouth and a green olive or cucumber slice garnish toast and enjoy!

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