On Wednesday, 22nd June, Pierre Cronje’s studio was abuzz with a variety of people enjoying laughter and conversation over a three course dining experience and the smooth taste of Glenmorangie’s whisky to celebrate the deep affiliation between whisky and wood.

The décor was incredible, with a rustic feel to it which complemented the purpose of the event. It allowed the guests to see, smell and touch wood- which is vital to the process and the flavour of Glenmorangie, it is for this reason that the brand takes wood management seriously.


Glenmorangie teamed up with Pierre Cronje whose passion for handmade craftsmanship set apart by quality taps into the whisky brands affinity with wood. It is the deep harmony with wood which contributes significantly to the final products for both the whisky and furniture than any other ingredient or process which was celebrated during the bespoke dining experience held at his showroom.

The evening followed up Glenmorangie’s International collaboration with the manufacturers of wooden-framed sunglasses, Finlay & Co. The bespoke sunglasses fashioned from oak wood from casks, honour Glenmorangie Original’s perfect balance and fascinating complexity.

Whilst guests were enjoying their food Craig and Pierre led a mesmerizing conversation around wood; such as the effect of the climate/season when it comes to wood, slow growing European Oak and wood craftsmanship to name a few.


Brand Manager for Glenmorangie, Stef Kondylis, shared some of the international awards that Glenmorangie has received and gifted guests with bespoke Glenmorangie gifts including Finlay & Co. sunglasses, Glenmorangie Signet cufflinks and a Glenmorangie Pocket Square.


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