Vivid Luxury – Weekend Drinks Suggestion with Belvedere Vodka

It’s finally weekend, and we’ve got the best cocktails from Belvedere Vodka to make your weekend that much better.

The Delicious Fruity Cherry Smash

50ml/2oz Belvedere Vodka

4 fresh cherries

25ml/3/4oz lemon juice

Dash Amaretto liqueur

3 dashes Angostura bitters

Add all ingredients to a rocks glass.

Add crushed ice and churn.


The Belvedere Perfect Storm

1.5 oz Belvedere Vodka

½ oz guava juice

½ oz lychee juice

½ oz pineapple juice

Dash lime

Dash coco Lopez (coconut crème)

Blend all ingredients with crushed ice and serve tall.

Garnish with a strawberry.


The Green Apple and Coriander Martini

50ml/ 2oz Belvedere Citrus (or Vodka)

6 fresh coriander leaves

1 whole green apple

Dash lemon

10ml/ ¼ oz simple syrup

Muddle green apple with syrup.

Add rest of ingredients and shake with cubed ice.

Double strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a coriander leaf.


We just know you’re going to LOVE these cocktails.

Have a good weekend, make it a Belve.


For more information on Belvedere Vodka, please visit the official website on, or visit Belvedere South Africa’s Facebook and Twitter pages

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