The World’s Top Global Brands Announced By Interbrand Sampson

World renowned strategic branding agency Interbrand Sampson has owned the sphere in publishing books on a yearly basis of Top 100 brands of the world. This year 15% of these brands are Luxury brands.

As most of the world’s population is familiar with these brands like Coca Cola, Apple, IBM and Google are the most valued brands.

The criteria or all the brands ranked in the top 100 world’s best brands are examined against financial performance; the role the brand plays in influencing the choices made by consumers and the brand’s ability to help its parent’s earnings.  Since its launch in 2001 Luxury has been a fixture on the listing since 2001. Not all the top 100 brands are luxury but here are the ranks of the ones that are luxury on the overall list.

  1. Mercedes-Benz (12)
  2. BMW (22)
  3. Louis Vuitton (38)
  4. Gucci (50)
  5. Chanel (61)

An interview was held with Interbrand Sampsons Manfredi Ricca and Managing Director of Interbrand Sampson Europe Rebecca Robins and this is what they had to say;

“Let’s not forget that Best Global Brands is based on value,” they explain, “which means that scale is one of the components in our valuation.”

“When looking at premium and luxury brands we are often looking at companies with a more limited scale due to the business model, but where the brand’s role is key in generating demand and profit.”

Over the year’s consumer buying power along with their reasoning for purchases and brand association we know that brands need to constantly stay relevant by evolving with the times.

“Behind these names are companies that have consistently recognised their brands as a key assets and central organising principles.”

For the longest time the luxury sector had been persistent with embracing the online sector once succumbed, these brands have proven to be most innovative and successful on e-commerce and in the social media platforms. Most of these high ranking brands on the top 100 list have made the decision to be present digitally

“Ultimately, no industry has changed over the past 5-6 years in the way in which luxury has changed,”

GREAT to see our client Gucci in the top 5!!

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