Spotlight On: Rachelle Bricout – Founder of The Beautiful Store

Rachelle-002EDIT When you meet Rachelle Bricout, you immediately get a sense of her passion for beautiful luxurious items. And it’s exactly this passion that prompted her to launch her brand new luxury online gift store, The Beautiful Store. This treasure chest of luxury gift products provides a refreshing take on luxe online shopping, since it sells anything from beautiful homeware , to limited jewellery, Italian shoes, bedding, speciality foods and drink, and natural beauty products to name a few.

It all came about when Rachelle was looking to buy a gift for a friend, and was irritated by the crowds and bad service she found in the shopping centre she was at. The seed was planted, and a few months later, after hours and hours of research and brainstorming, the idea of The Beautiful Store was born – a portal for a fine selection of luxury items, all personally hand picked by her, and with the promise of unparalleled quality, impeccable service and the convenience of door to door delivery at no extra cost.

Already a successful entrepreneur, Rachelle finally launched her online store 5 months ago with great excitement, and already boasts a growing list of loyal clientele from all over the world, with new products being added almost weekly.

A born entrepreneur, Rachelle knew from an early age that she wanted to be in charge of her own destiny by being her own boss. Her first business, Create-A-Stir, a professional services marketing and communication company, boasts a number of impressive clients past and present, among these most of the largest law firms in Africa.

When asked about being a business owner, Rachelle says, “Running your own business requires nerves of steel, especially if, as in my case, a trust fund is lacking, but when you have such passion for something, every moment of stress is worth it.” Her daily inspiration is fellow business owners that she has met along the way, who not only help her, but give her motivation to continue in the pursuit of her dreams – starting a venture with no financial backing and turning it into an undeniable success. Rachelle-059EDIT

While Rachelle hasn’t always had a passion for the online sector, she has always had a passion for beauty in all its forms. She says, however, that the online industry is one of the most thrilling to be in and watching its development, particularly in South Africa where it has been slower to take off, is something she is very excited about. Her enthusiasm stems from an unwavering belief in her products and the exceptional service she provides. Porsche Design, Sanders South Africa, Menu and Aliverti are just a few of her suppliers – a true indication of the caliber of products available at The Beautiful Store.

Rachelle says the biggest hurdle of being an entrepreneur is the financial strain of working for yourself. She adds that when you have no regular paycheck guaranteed, it is imperative to have unfaltering determination and passion for your endeavors.

For Rachelle, the sky is the limit with The Beautiful Store. She hopes it will become a one-stop solution to not only finding beautiful gifts but that customers make use of the added-value facilities, for example, the ‘Wedding Registry’, ‘Gift Voucher’ and personalised ‘Wishlist’ options or the ‘Seeking Beauty’ section which enables customers to request items that may not be available on the store currently, but which they can source and deliver promptly.

While the South African market is generally still a little reluctant about online shopping, Rachelle hopes to prove its convenience and ease by consistently delivering excellent customer service, reliable delivery and products of the highest quality at The Beautiful Store.

Visit The Beautiful Store and view their products at or call Rachelle Bricout on +27 (0) 21 797 5989

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