Put your money where your mouth is.

Luxurious foods have long been associated with dripping chocolate, mountains of cream and cakes smothered in the most delicately decorated icing. However, there are a few items out there that can satisfy the most health conscious of us looking for our piece of luxury dining.


The overwhelming process of harvesting saffron from 50,000 to 75,000 flowers just to obtain a pound of dry saffron makes it one of the most expensive ingredients as well as having a diverse range of medicinal uses such as slowing Alzheimer’s progression and soothing depression.


One ounce of Tsar Imperial Beluga caviar will cost you approximately $100 with the benefit of being 30% protein and barely anything else.

The Sumatran coffee, Kopi Luwak, is made by roasting the undigested beans sifted out from the droppings of the Asian Palm civet. The annual yield reaches only about 500 pounds with a cost per pound above $300.

The famous Japanese Wagyu beef is known for the lines of visible fat that run through the meat giving it its intense flavour. However, the Tajima-ushi cattle actually produce more oily, unsaturated fat than other cattle making the meat surprisingly more healthy than your standard sirloin.


The Japanese have also produced another high price, healthy ingredient. The Matsutake mushroom is full of flavour and less than a thousand tons of the fungus are harvested each year. A kilo of the wild mushroom sells for around $2000 but boasts the benefits of being protein-rich and almost fat-free.


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Source: Luxury Insider

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