The Luxury Facelift; Luxury Brand Conglomerate PPR Sets the Trend for Luxury Re-Branding

2013 seems to mark the year in which the Luxury industry is untouched by the ever lapping waves of the 2009 recession. This explains why the booming industry of opulence has maintained communication with existing stakeholders; and is able to slowly reach out to capture the hearts of future generationsh.

How does one capture the future custodians of the Industry deLux? Trends would indicate that Luxury brands and industries are shaking off the stoic coats of polished exclusivity and communicating the true heritage and purpose behind luxury brands. Not only are the giants of fashion and lifestyle brands seeking emotive ways to capture the aspirational value they provide, but they are targeting consumers using tech savvy and culturally aware methods. Many brands such as Dior, Chanel, Bulgari, MiuMiu and Gucci have adopted the film phenomena to capture emotive facets of the brands and educate consumers on their value, not only their legal tender worth.

PPR recently rebranded as Kering  has used advertising film to deliver the key messages of their new identity through the use of emotive music, striking visuals and a story line that speaks of ambition.

This type of affiliation to a brand that can simple not be bought, and luxury brands understand that price tags alone do not convey exclusivity. The film captures so delicately the principals our society values; whilst maintaining luxury status by interpreting those values as aspirational, a mental destination to which we can arrive when we have earned the right to align ourselves with true luxury. Simply put, Kering has managed to showcase how a brand should make you feel.


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