Porsche Releases Special Edition 911


Approaching its 50th anniversary, Porsche has recently announced the return of the newly renovated Porsche 911.

The original debut model debuted in 1963, and to celebrate its 50th birthday, Porsche is releasing the special edition vehicle this upcoming September.

The updated model will hit a top speed of 300km/h and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in a speedy 4.3 seconds. Porsche’s new 911 will feature newly improved additions, including 20 inch diameter alloy wheels and chrome trim around the engine compartment, creating a unique look that is surely to be noticed.

To show that the model is one of a kind, owners of the limited edition 911 will find a numbered plaque displayed on the interior along with a badge located on the rear of the vehicle reading “911 50”. The vehicle is available in light Geyser Grey, dark Graphite Grey, or black, and is starting at $140,000.00.

Porsche is proud to celebrate the 911’s 50th birthday and is ready to bring many more years of luxurious service to its customers.

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