Paul Smith Spring / Summer 2013 Hair Design by Peter Gray for Moroccanoil

 Hair designer Peter Gray of Moroccanoil created the look for the Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2013 at London Fashion Week.

Inspiration from Paul Smith:

Jean-Paul Goude, the famous French photographer and Art Director was the inspiration for this season’s womenswear collection; famous for his colour blocked portraits of Grace Jones who’s presence was evident in the contrasting swathes of colour this season.

Spring / Summer 2013 sees a more feminine silhouette with loose shifts over tailored trousers and an abundance of block coloured floaty dresses paired with a mix of both flats and contrasting color blocked heels.

The Look:

Catwalk stylist Peter Gray for Moroccanoil® created a hard smooth slicked backed look with a contrasting soft-textured bun to mirror the collections’diverse textures.

“This look is about creating opposing textures within one hair style,” explained Peter.

How The Look Was Created:

  • All hair was prepped with Moroccanoil Original Treatment to help prepare the hair for styling.
  •  “I first applied Moroccanoil Frizz Control mixed with the Moroccanoil  Luminous Hairspray – this when blow-dried provides a firm textured base throughout the roots to mid-lengths of the hair.”
  •  “The firm base provided the sleek foundation that then flowed into the ponytail which rested in line with the top of the ears. To create the smooth outlines of the hair I used the round Moroccanoil Ionic Ceramic Brush.
  • “To create the loose bun I used the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream applied throughout the lengths of the ponytail with the fingertips to create texture. The ponytail was then loosely wound around a tail comb to create a more organic look instead of the traditional twisted roped bun look. Small pins were used to securely pin and hold the bun in place whilst allowing wisps of hair to fall free – adding to the loose textured appearance of the bun which again reinforces the strong contrasting theme that runs throughout the show.”
  •  “To complete the look, the loose wisps of the bun were broken up further with a small amount of the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream.”

Moroccanoil is sold exclusively in salons.

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