Love is in the Air with Luxury Apps for iPhone

With a multitude of luxury apps for iPhone you can carry luxury around inside your Hermes Birkin, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or whatever your iconic handbag of choice may be. These apps open you up to the world of luxury wherever you may be, but now our favourite jewellery designers are targeting those wishing for a “happily ever after” ending.

 The app “What Makes Love True” by Tiffany & Co. draws on 175 years worth of knowledge to provide tips for couples in love and provides a forum where couples can load films and photographs to exhibit their “happily ever after” ending. The app also presents a digital version of love-struck teenagers engraving their initials into tree trunks in the school yard or girls scribbling “Mrs. Smith” on their notebooks. A couple can place a heart on a digital map and add their initials accompanied by a story of their first kiss, a proposal or the first time their eyes met across a bar to make every other girl pine for true love.

 The Cartier Bridal app features Cartier’s exquisite collection of wedding and engagement rings. By zooming and filtering away the bride-to-be can find the perfect colour, cut, clarity and carat for the most important ring of her life. As if this wasn’t enough, by placing an existing ring on the screen, the app will find your appropriate ring size to avoid that awkward “it doesn’t fit” moment at the altar or on bended knee.

Source: Luxury Insider

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