Light up your life with Belvedere Night Saber

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Bring the VIP party home with Belvedere’s luminous bottle, the Night Saber. For a limited time only Belvedere Vodka will be introducing their illustrious illuminated Night Sabre bottle to selected retailers nationwide. Previously only available in exclusive clubs worldwide, the Night Saber is now available for home table service. Illuminated at the touch of a button, this innovative bottle design contains classic Belvedere Vodka. Light up your next soiree and treat yourself to luxury in a glass with the stunning Night Saber.

An exceptional vodka of unrivalled elegance and smoothness, Belvedere is the essential spirit for the connoisseur of finer things. Defined as the world’s original luxury vodka, it delivers superior character and flavour, and owes its purity to the 100% Dankowskie ‘Gold’ Rye from which it is made. Belvedere – which means “beautiful to see” – is named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, home of the Polish President. An illustration of the palace is displayed on each and every bottle, reinforcing that Belvedere Vodka is both beautiful to see and taste. Completely free of additives (including sugar or glycerin), the vodka’s distilled four times for a perfect balance of purity and character.

Always authentic and never artificial not only is this vodka excellent in cocktails, but it is also a sophisticated treat for the palate when served neat or poured over ice.


Nose: Faint hint of vanilla along with some gentle, soft cream characteristics.

Palate: Full and round with a medium bodied weight and rich, velvety texture. Some vanilla swaying between sweet and savory with a hint of white pepper and spice.

Finish: Good length with notes of almond, clotted cream and some faint almond and Brazil nut characteristics.

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