Inspiring Women Series: Carmen Tal – Moroccanoil.

Carmen Tal of Moroccanoil

 “Without passion, you will lose your focus and when running a business you must be extremely disciplined”- Carmen Tal

Carmen Tal is the quintessential business woman of the 21st century and has been in the hair styling industry for years.

Her business started almost by chance: she identified an opportunity to service the market with exclusive Argan oil based hair treatment products after she tried an Argan oil based hair treatment in Israel that rescued her hair which was terribly damaged after a bad hair dye treatment. Argan oil has been used by women in Morocco for centuries to treat their hair, nails and skin. This experience ultimately inspired her to create and develop Moroccanoil using Argan oil as a base ingredient. She then formulated a plan to educate women around the world and professionals in the salon industry about this incredible product which helps maintain healthy beautiful looking hair. At the time Argan oil based hair products were extremely  unconventional –  many  professionals in the hair industry were uneasy about using it on their clients, but with her passion and conviction in her product, Carmen Tal set to change their minds. And only a short while later, she achieved just that.

Moroccanoil® has since been the originator and leading manufacturer of professional Argan Oil hair products and the fastest growing independent company in the professional salon industry. Moroccanoil products have also drawn the attention of top celebrity fashion stylists around the world and has been used to create numerous red carpet looks, with many A-list celebrities swearing by the product and its countless benefits.

Words of Advice from Carmen Tal For the Future Entrepreneur:

“When starting a business, you need to be absolutely certain that whatever you’re doing is something that you are passionate about and that it is exactly what you want to do. Without passion, you will lose your focus and when running a business you must be extremely disciplined.”- Carmen Tal

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