G-Star set to host party of the year this December!



On 12 December, our client, international denim brand G-Star RAW will host their first RAW Night in Africa, with an eclectic mix of performance, art, music, fashion and film. Cape Town is about to join an exclusive line-up of cities such as Tokyo, London, New York and LA, where G-Star celebrated previous RAW Nights. One of the most multicultural cities in the world, Cape Town is the natural choice of G-Star RAW to launch the brand in Africa.

Cape Town’s RAW Night will transform a historical Art Deco building in the heart of the vibrant Cape Town CBD into part nightclub, part performance art and part art gallery, to test the power of art as entertainment. Known for his large experiential sculptures and interactive art objects around the world, an exclusive exhibition by Daniel Popper entitled “The Hand of God” will be exhibited alongside exclusive denim art objects from G-Star’s Atelier in Amsterdam. The Night is complemented with a ‘forbidden’ combination of live musical performances by AKA, Nakhane Toure and DJs Binary and Wildbeats.

RAW Nights bring G-Star’s core DNA to life, presenting cutting-edge talents from across the creative world in intimate and surprising locations. In Cape Town the audience will directly experience the concept of ‘forbidden combinations’ that underpins G-Star’s clothing collections, as well as its various projects and collaborations, including fashion shows, RAW Crossovers and global campaigns

G-Star RAW is known for innovating denim and exploring the endless possibilities of this product. In 1996, the modern denim brand originated the concept of 3D denim with the G-Star Elwood, designed by G-Star’s head designer Pierre Morisset. The continuous process of 3D innovation led to the introduction of other G-Star classics: A-Crotch (2000), the Arc pant (2009) and Type C (2010).


G-Star RAW. Just the Product.

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