Fashion Friday

Since this Fashion Friday falls on Friday the 13th, we decided to go with the theme and show some of the unluckiest fashion fails.


Juliette Lewis at the Shockwaves NME Awards 2011. What. Was. She. Thinking? Glitter/Sequinned pants coupled with a biker/cowboy look? WHY??


Kathy Griffin and Cher at The Zookeeper premiere. Not a good look. For either of them.


Chloe Sevigny at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Did she miss the memo? You're supposed to be fashionable at fashion awards!



Aubrey Oday at the Premiere of her show All About Aubrey. Those pants. Enough said.


Fergie at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. We love Fergie, but we REALLY don't love this dress.


Justin Bieber's jersey is bordering on a fashion crime, not just a fashion fail.


We hope that 2012 brings only great fashion choices, but we already know there will be more by the next Friday 13th…




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