Cupcake Anyone?

Most of us enjoy a good cupcake now and then – well how about enjoying Bloomsbury’s latest offering, the Golden Phoenix? It will only set you back about US$28’000.00 – that’s if you include the 24 carat gold plated tea trolley. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake itself will set you back precisely $1,007—still enough to qualify as the most expensive edible cupcake to date.

The Golden Phoenix, an ostentatious treat created to fete the launch of the Bloomsbury flagship at The Dubai Mall, takes the cake for being entirely edible: unlike other over-the-top sweets which incorporate diamonds and other non-digestible gems. This particular cupcake, however, is said to be made of the finest Italian chocolate, vanilla pods from Uganda, and then smothered in edible gold flakes. The cupcake is served with a golden spoon and topped with chocolate icing and strawberries (also dipped in edible gold).

Here’s how they make it:

So for those of you with a sweet tooth and a taste for luxury – we think the Golden Phoenix Cupcake is just for you.

Source: Luxury Insider

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