Belvedere Mango Passion Cocktail Recipes

Belvedere Mango Passion imageBelvedere, the world’s first super premium vodka, has launched Belvedere Mango Passion,  a refreshing tropical addition to Belvedere Vodka’s collection of award-winning flavoured vodkas, in South Africa. Belvedere Mango Passion is distilled with five exceptional ingredients including fresh mangoes and aromatic passion fruit, along with fragrant hints of citrus, mandarin, tangerine, and zesty lime. Belvedere’s all natural approach ensures its vodka is made with real fruit, with no sugar added. The result is a mouth-watering blend of flavours to create the quintessential drink to elevate any occasion.



Belvedere’s unparalleled process delicately draws out the flavours from the highest quality, all natural ingredients and combines them with Belvedere’s super-premium vodka. By gently soaking the five fruit ingredients in Belvedere, it allows the vodka to extract the flavour and aromas, in a process called ‘maceration.’ Once the ingredients and the vodka are distilled together, a beautiful creation of Mango Passion is the result. Belvedere Mango Passion is perfectly enjoyed with tonic water or ginger ale, garnished with a slice of lemon or squeeze of lime. Drinks such as the Mango Mule and Mango Cosmopolitan are prime examples of cocktails that can be created from the deliciously tropical and aromatic Mango Passion.Pink Grapefruit Spritz (F)



“The sweet, fruity and tropical flavour of mango makes it one of the world’s most widely consumed fruits,” says Claire Smith-Warner, Head of Spirit Creation & Mixology at Belvedere. “By using only real fruit with no sugar added, this, paired with the aromatic character of passion fruit and the zesty, refreshing nature of mandarins, tangerines and limes makes Belvedere Mango Passion one of our most exciting flavours to date.”


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