All I want for Christmas…

We all want great skin don’t we? We want to look as young as possible right?

Well La Prairie has just the thing. And we DEFINITELY want to see this in our Christmas Stocking this Christmas!

It’s called the Platinum Collection and it promises to give your skin the same radiance and resistance of the rare metal.

We are talking about a super luxury treatment – lauded as the best cream of the last 10 years,  the serum is enriched with a skin-brightening complex, firming agents and potent antioxidants to brighten, tighten and transform skin to a remarkably ageless state.It contains colloidal platinum, which helps maintain the skin’s electrical balance in order to preserve natural beauty and youthful appearance, and restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier to provide enhanced hydration and protection.

It’s a must have. And we REALLY want it.


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Source: La Prairie

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